Hungry Belly

So: this was the week when I bowed down to buying digital music. And since Apple’s iTunes Music store scheme has serious disadvantages (being: i. only available to Norte Americanos. ii. using aac at too poor a quality and iii. using DRM), I bought it from elsewhere, namely Audio Lunchbox. Truth be told, I actually stumbled over it, and truth be told, I only bought a record from them because I feel the urge to pay the piper once in a while. Not that seldom, actually, but my economy being what it is, I can’t afford to pay as often as I’d like to.

Audio Lunchbox – A Capsule Review: pros: i. very good selection of independent labels & artists ii. tracks available as both mp3 and ogg of decent quality iii. documented good artist pay (65% of the prize)

cons: i. slow download speed (at 30 K/sec, this was unexpectedly slow)

So, this being sunday morning, I can not think of much other to write. Except writing “welcome back” to Jenny with her new goodlooking Little Priest weblog. Sweet potatoes, indeed.

Other than that: nicotine, the upcoming !!! album, ubuweb, Molly Roth, Judson Fountain, Sultans, Black Dice, the Hellboy movie, Xiu Xiu, the Lightning Bolt encore video, Mission of Burma‘s comeback, Mokira, A Frames, Blankets, Real Stuff, Cocorosie, Modest Mouse, Orkstorm, Astroglides & Thomas från Sverige.

Another Week Quickly Passed

So. Once again it’s friday. Last weekend, my friend Jenina visited from Stockholm. We hung out and DJd together at a big party. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn’t as big as I/we had hoped. 150 or so, but the real party vibe never happened. Pity. Also, I had hoped that the audience would be more into rock, but the requests was embarrassingly mainstream: Beyonce. Britney. Christina Aguilera. Et fucking cetera. And the party was hosted by an independent movie theatre! Damn, people! Anyway, we rocked some with Scissor Sisters, LCD Soundsystem, Ladytron and such stuff. It was a fun set in the end, 6 hours straight. Jenina, by the way, is the promoter of Ladyfest here in Sweden, which will take place in both Stockholm and Malmö. I wish I had that much gusto, to even come up with a huge idea like that and then do it.

On sunday, the day that SPRING CAME TO TOWN, we walked around and just hung out. Watched American Splendor again (3rd time). Watched Six Feet Under. And this week has basically been ill-spent playing Neverwinter Nights, crack in the guise of a game. I helped save a friend’s ProTools system, yeah (another friend had accidentally attached his powerbook via firewire to a broken USB port, and then the powerbook lost power, and apparently gunked the entire power-on card for some reason), but the main occupation besides work has been Neverwinter Nights. I almost hope my computer will get old soon, because if I keep gaming this much, my dreams will be shot forever. Still, since I have little money, it’s nice to be able to sit at home and have fun for free, even though the fun borders on obsession. I even consider playing it mornings before I go to work. Really! And I’m 36. AND OH, the new Part Chimp single “Bring Back The Sound” ROCKS OUT!

Tell’em like it is!

Well, I was just checking NetNewsWire (which is a WAY nifty RSS reader. And to think I hadn’t bothered to learn about RSS until I started this “diary”!) and there was a new post at one of my favourite tech-y blogs, namely Daring Fireball, where he linked to an article targetting one of my pet peeves, the feltching crap-software-of-the-ages RealPlayer. It’s really lazy to relink like this, I guess, but I want to maximize the number of people who learns to hate the assware that is RealPlayer. Man, I hate you, Real!
Go read Tomas Jogin‘s take on the shiznitz!

Waiting for the Man

I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, while waiting for my pal Urban. He has all but relocated to Stockholm, but is down here in the doity South of Sweden to do god knows what. Anyway. While waiting, I thought that I oughtta write a little something. Inspiration doesn’t jump at me like a scoundrel in a dirty alley any more…

[Urban appeared, this is the next day]

I’m sitting here listening to London Is The Place For Me – Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950 – 1956 and the Slayer box, Soundtrack to the Apocalypse, while lappingsipping coffee, a non-guilty pleasure. I think I prefer the former, which must be a solid sign of me getting old, yeah. Ha ha ha: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida covered by Slayer is fun, in a cartoonish way. Another sign of maturity is that I’ll probably stay at home tonight instead of going out. But then again, I use the pretense that I’m strapped for cash, which is altogether true. But sitting at home? That’s kind of nice, but not very exciting, if you don’t count dismantling a huge shelf exciting. At least I will start removing my records and books from it, a hefty load to carry. Vinyl certainly weighs a ton, like the man said (Peanut Butter Wolf, I think, or DJ Shadow).
On a totally unrelated note: some stuff is certainly easy to find via Internet, like rare bootlegs and untranslated hentai, but something that has been seriously clamped down upon has been typefaces. In ye marrye 90s, EVERYONE swapped diskettes with fonts on them, but since the turn of the century, that has certainly waned. Both free and commercial typefaces seem to get around a lot less, and part of that is probably the decline of ad agencies, which I assume was the main buyer of fonts. My friend Martin Fredrikson Core made several really nice fonts, but I don’t think he ever made any 100$ bills from them. Pity, really. Collecting fonts was like collecting stamps: one never used them, but only looked at them. And bought them for clients, of course.
Ouch! The coffee is making me sweat. Or maybe it’s just Slayer. I think I’ll go for a walk.

Stretching the Wallet Beyond Recognition

These are expensive times, expensive times with little money to spend. And they wonder why the fuck record sales go down? That is but the tip of the proverbial iceberg, sire. I mean, I’m not poor, exactly, but there’s a high cost of living I haven’t experienced before. I guess I’m to blame for living in the city. I guess I’m to blame for only working 75%. I guess I’m to blame for not asking for astronomical wages. Any which way, there is very little money left each month and there’s very little I can do about it.
Of course, there is some “luxury” involved, such as food, the odd night out, the movies, computer & network fees, a record now and then, a magazine once in a blue moon, some cheap concerts, things like that, but BEJABBERS! is that not every person’s right? I think it is. One mustn’t grumble, they say, but why not? I shall grumble as much as I feel like (which is not so much, as a matter of fact). I “accidentally” spent 60-something Ä on books – comic books to make it worse – the other day, and I realize I should perhaps have spent them on the dentist instead, but easy come, easy go and such flummery.
And I still haven’t read them all: need to suck that caramel slowly now. As an aside, I must say something that I’ve said before: Tony Millionaire is a genius of a man! 3 of the books I bought was Mr. Millionaire’s Sock Monkey collections, which are, I daresay, almost as great as his Maakies collection.
But back to the money: is this the way it’s supposed to be as I grow older? Not enough money to travel anywhere, not enough money to buy good furniture, not enough money to get a loan and one day buy an apartment or other habitat.
What, I say, is the world coming to? Perhaps it’s just me growing old. Old and cranky. I better eat some supper before I start rambling, Grampa Simpson-stylee.

What the fuck was I supposed to write?

Well, the week has been an ordinarily mundane week, much like my weeks have been for the past few years. Except that I played a fair amount of HALO. Halo was once upon a time due to be released for the mac, when Bungie was bought by Microsoft Games. That caused a fair amount of anti-Bungie bias among the mac community. Not so with me. Sure, I like many people in this world dislike Microsoft just as much as (or more) people dislikes/-d CocaCola. Or IBM for that matter. Any which way, Bungie produced a good batch of Mac only games back in the early 90s, like “Pathways into Darkness” and the brilliant “Marathon” series. Marathon was an early FPS, but with an intriguing story. Now, I tried playing Marathon some months ago, and was appaled by the way it looked, even the last in the series, Marathon Infinity. Still, those Marathon moments was some of the more exiting gaming I’ve ever encountered.

And those moments still reverbate throughout Halo, which in part is some sort of continuation of the mythos suggested at in the Marathon games, a future akin to the one presented in the Alien movies, but not a copy thereof. Corporations, conglomerates, space marines, vastness, cyborgs, space leeches. Any which way, I’m sure most from my parental generation feels that a guy of 36 should not sit at home playing computer games well into the next day. On a working day, to boot. But that I do, at times. Especially now when I have a saucy G5 to play them on. My little brother, Stefan also played Halo a while ago, and it feels kind of strange how having a gaming experience in common can be as exciting as it is. I kept calling him, reflecting upon certain plot turns and conundrums. It was like I was 14 again, gaming on my brother’s C=64. Uncanny shit!

Apart from the, I’ve watched the latest Van Damme movie (In Hell), had a long walk which left my feet warm for 2 days, listened to a lot of music, downloaded Glass/Reggio’s “-Qatsi” trilogy, futzed with a new Linux server (my first), re-read the last 15 issues of “Hate”, bought the fabled jazz book Hear Me Talkin’ To Ya, by Nat Shapiro & Nat Hentoff. It was later used as a template for the brilliant punk biography Please Kill Me by “Legs” McNeill and Gillian McCain, insomuch that both books are biographies composed solely by quotes from musicians and scenesters. If the former is anything like the latter, it will surely be the reading experience of the month.

So, well, it’s friday. I haven’t linked this page into the site structure yet. I will go to a movie (Lost in Translation or Big Fish) and a party tomorrow. And on saturday I will be an über-geek once again, by partaking in some role playing, and not of the “adult” kind, either. Woe is me: middleaged kid. Hell with that, as long as it’s fun. Me be homo ludens, shit like that. Too cool for school.

The first post in the new place

Well, duh. It looks normal as the whole hell, like the standard movable type you all know and love. So be it. I will hook it up to some nicer kind of look in the near future, if I decide to keep this fucker going this time around.
I have been around for ever and ever & ever in this biz, before it was called blogs, or even weblogs. By the way, that reminds me of a wee story: when I was barely 20, I was on a long car trip in Europe with a friend. At one point we met 3 US gals who had been studying in Copenhagen and was -then- travelling in Portugal. Any which way, I for some reason or other told them I was writing a “travel diary”, whereupon they burst into laughter & giggles. “Diary,” said they, “is something the kids write. Adults write LOGS!” Well, excuse me so much! Since then, log suggests to me that the diary you’re writing is somewhat on the “mature side”. Either that, or you’re fucking Captain of the Ship.

After I quit regularily updating good old Pigsville (and before that, quitting on “Castle Figging Greyskull”) I started the “blog”, which was kind of silly since I’ve had direct server access for a long time now. I was actually just waiting to scrap my Solaris box and move to a more updateable *nix/*nux, and this blog marks the spot.

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