Martin Sunnerdahl begun his internet career in 1991, when he got his first e-mail address. Quickly, he tried to explore the brave new world of ftp, telnet, irc, usenet and gopher, before getting his mitts on Mosaic in 1992. A time of trial and error ensued before launching his first personal website, the puerilely named Castle Greyskull.

Martin has written articles for Sydsvenskan, Helsingborgs dagblad, Yelah, Filmhäftet, Mejeriet Monitor and more. He has also worked as technical consultant for Anagram/Hipp Hipp, United Stage, Nimativ Form, Bokförlaget Atlas, Sonic Magazine, Lönegård & Co. and Malmö Högskola, to mention a few. For over 20 years, he has been employed by Lund University, currently working with IRT.