Waiting for the Man

I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, while waiting for my pal Urban. He has all but relocated to Stockholm, but is down here in the doity South of Sweden to do god knows what. Anyway. While waiting, I thought that I oughtta write a little something. Inspiration doesn’t jump at me like a scoundrel in a dirty alley any more…

[Urban appeared, this is the next day]

I’m sitting here listening to London Is The Place For Me – Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950 – 1956 and the Slayer box, Soundtrack to the Apocalypse, while lappingsipping coffee, a non-guilty pleasure. I think I prefer the former, which must be a solid sign of me getting old, yeah. Ha ha ha: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida covered by Slayer is fun, in a cartoonish way. Another sign of maturity is that I’ll probably stay at home tonight instead of going out. But then again, I use the pretense that I’m strapped for cash, which is altogether true. But sitting at home? That’s kind of nice, but not very exciting, if you don’t count dismantling a huge shelf exciting. At least I will start removing my records and books from it, a hefty load to carry. Vinyl certainly weighs a ton, like the man said (Peanut Butter Wolf, I think, or DJ Shadow).
On a totally unrelated note: some stuff is certainly easy to find via Internet, like rare bootlegs and untranslated hentai, but something that has been seriously clamped down upon has been typefaces. In ye marrye 90s, EVERYONE swapped diskettes with fonts on them, but since the turn of the century, that has certainly waned. Both free and commercial typefaces seem to get around a lot less, and part of that is probably the decline of ad agencies, which I assume was the main buyer of fonts. My friend Martin Fredrikson Core made several really nice fonts, but I don’t think he ever made any 100$ bills from them. Pity, really. Collecting fonts was like collecting stamps: one never used them, but only looked at them. And bought them for clients, of course.
Ouch! The coffee is making me sweat. Or maybe it’s just Slayer. I think I’ll go for a walk.

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