The first post in the new place

Well, duh. It looks normal as the whole hell, like the standard movable type you all know and love. So be it. I will hook it up to some nicer kind of look in the near future, if I decide to keep this fucker going this time around.
I have been around for ever and ever & ever in this biz, before it was called blogs, or even weblogs. By the way, that reminds me of a wee story: when I was barely 20, I was on a long car trip in Europe with a friend. At one point we met 3 US gals who had been studying in Copenhagen and was -then- travelling in Portugal. Any which way, I for some reason or other told them I was writing a “travel diary”, whereupon they burst into laughter & giggles. “Diary,” said they, “is something the kids write. Adults write LOGS!” Well, excuse me so much! Since then, log suggests to me that the diary you’re writing is somewhat on the “mature side”. Either that, or you’re fucking Captain of the Ship.

After I quit regularily updating good old Pigsville (and before that, quitting on “Castle Figging Greyskull”) I started the “blog”, which was kind of silly since I’ve had direct server access for a long time now. I was actually just waiting to scrap my Solaris box and move to a more updateable *nix/*nux, and this blog marks the spot.

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