Another Week Quickly Passed

So. Once again it’s friday. Last weekend, my friend Jenina visited from Stockholm. We hung out and DJd together at a big party. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn’t as big as I/we had hoped. 150 or so, but the real party vibe never happened. Pity. Also, I had hoped that the audience would be more into rock, but the requests was embarrassingly mainstream: Beyonce. Britney. Christina Aguilera. Et fucking cetera. And the party was hosted by an independent movie theatre! Damn, people! Anyway, we rocked some with Scissor Sisters, LCD Soundsystem, Ladytron and such stuff. It was a fun set in the end, 6 hours straight. Jenina, by the way, is the promoter of Ladyfest here in Sweden, which will take place in both Stockholm and Malmö. I wish I had that much gusto, to even come up with a huge idea like that and then do it.

On sunday, the day that SPRING CAME TO TOWN, we walked around and just hung out. Watched American Splendor again (3rd time). Watched Six Feet Under. And this week has basically been ill-spent playing Neverwinter Nights, crack in the guise of a game. I helped save a friend’s ProTools system, yeah (another friend had accidentally attached his powerbook via firewire to a broken USB port, and then the powerbook lost power, and apparently gunked the entire power-on card for some reason), but the main occupation besides work has been Neverwinter Nights. I almost hope my computer will get old soon, because if I keep gaming this much, my dreams will be shot forever. Still, since I have little money, it’s nice to be able to sit at home and have fun for free, even though the fun borders on obsession. I even consider playing it mornings before I go to work. Really! And I’m 36. AND OH, the new Part Chimp single “Bring Back The Sound” ROCKS OUT!

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