Solid weather!

The weather is too nice. It is a bit on the chilly side, but the sun is shining like nobody’s business.

I added a new link to the left: my little icecasted radio station. Check it out, if you feel like it. It is what they call an “eclectic” selection, but I dunno. It is very mixed, to say the least. If you want to hear stuff that is different from empty V and commercial radio, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. No talk, no commercials, just a nifty 128 kbps feed that KICKS ASS. Mail me at radio[.AT.] if you wonder anything about a track you heard. Recommended players are iTunes [mac & win], Whamb [mac], xmms [linux, X11] and winamp. But that should go without saying. But really, you should check out whamb!

Talking about checking out, about a month ago I reacquainted myself with the fire multiprotocol pager (multiprotocol meaning supporting several chat protocols, like AIM, ICQ and MSN). It’s still a fairly ugly app, compared to Proteus. The difference, apart from Proteus being super-slick, GUI-wise, is that a) Proteus is shareware, whereas fire is open source, and b) that fire supports GPG encrypted/signed messaging over any chat protocol! That, my friends, puts it apart from any other chat client I have ever seen. In fact, I don’t know of a GPG encrypted pager for Linux, even. Just like the brilliant GPGMail mail bundle for, Fire is a must-have if you ever feel like communicating truly in private! I’d hope for total GPG integration in OS X out of the box, but that may be a utopian sentiment.

At any rate, I’ve decided to totally dump PGP. Since it went commercial, it’s been going downhill, and downhill pretty fast too. If one checks the console log, one notices that PGP causes tons of warnings. It’s fairly expensive, too, and they have an ass-backward licencing system that prevents site licensing for, say, universities. So these days I rely on OS X “secure empty trash”, encrypted DMGs (128 bits, but still), File Vault, GPGMail, Fire, and GPG as a whole of course. Sorry, PGP, it was fun while it lasted (I used PGP since the mid 90s, I think, command line stylee on Sun OS. Possibly because it made me feel like a hotshot), but now I close the book on you.

This is just a test

This is a testposting, using “SmartyPants” and “Markdown”. I actually don’t know exactly what it will do, so this is going to be fun.

OK, then. It changes quotes to curly quotes and such fineries. I suppose it looks nicer, but there’s a whole helluva lot I should do with this page first. But if you’re interested in those two Movable Type/BBEdit plugs, go to Daring Fireball rocks.

FFII does good work

FFII is one of those organizations I’m grateful towards. Their mission-statement is:

to make basic informational resources freely usable
to protect the creator against the plagiator and the public against monopolies
to give political weight to programmers, information-creating enterpreneurs and informationally literate citizens

and that is something I can but say “amen” to. This world, now, it’s so desperate to bend over for corporations and state it makes me feel ravaged all over. What the fuck happened to the idea of the state protecting and looking after the interests of citizens, not nameless entities? Fucking Cthulu, all of them. They say we get the leaders we deserve, and boyee if that’s true, we’ve surely been very very very bad children indeed…

Hungry Belly

So: this was the week when I bowed down to buying digital music. And since Apple’s iTunes Music store scheme has serious disadvantages (being: i. only available to Norte Americanos. ii. using aac at too poor a quality and iii. using DRM), I bought it from elsewhere, namely Audio Lunchbox. Truth be told, I actually stumbled over it, and truth be told, I only bought a record from them because I feel the urge to pay the piper once in a while. Not that seldom, actually, but my economy being what it is, I can’t afford to pay as often as I’d like to.

Audio Lunchbox – A Capsule Review: pros: i. very good selection of independent labels & artists ii. tracks available as both mp3 and ogg of decent quality iii. documented good artist pay (65% of the prize)

cons: i. slow download speed (at 30 K/sec, this was unexpectedly slow)

So, this being sunday morning, I can not think of much other to write. Except writing “welcome back” to Jenny with her new goodlooking Little Priest weblog. Sweet potatoes, indeed.

Other than that: nicotine, the upcoming !!! album, ubuweb, Molly Roth, Judson Fountain, Sultans, Black Dice, the Hellboy movie, Xiu Xiu, the Lightning Bolt encore video, Mission of Burma‘s comeback, Mokira, A Frames, Blankets, Real Stuff, Cocorosie, Modest Mouse, Orkstorm, Astroglides & Thomas från Sverige.

Another Week Quickly Passed

So. Once again it’s friday. Last weekend, my friend Jenina visited from Stockholm. We hung out and DJd together at a big party. Unfortunately, the turnout wasn’t as big as I/we had hoped. 150 or so, but the real party vibe never happened. Pity. Also, I had hoped that the audience would be more into rock, but the requests was embarrassingly mainstream: Beyonce. Britney. Christina Aguilera. Et fucking cetera. And the party was hosted by an independent movie theatre! Damn, people! Anyway, we rocked some with Scissor Sisters, LCD Soundsystem, Ladytron and such stuff. It was a fun set in the end, 6 hours straight. Jenina, by the way, is the promoter of Ladyfest here in Sweden, which will take place in both Stockholm and Malmö. I wish I had that much gusto, to even come up with a huge idea like that and then do it.

On sunday, the day that SPRING CAME TO TOWN, we walked around and just hung out. Watched American Splendor again (3rd time). Watched Six Feet Under. And this week has basically been ill-spent playing Neverwinter Nights, crack in the guise of a game. I helped save a friend’s ProTools system, yeah (another friend had accidentally attached his powerbook via firewire to a broken USB port, and then the powerbook lost power, and apparently gunked the entire power-on card for some reason), but the main occupation besides work has been Neverwinter Nights. I almost hope my computer will get old soon, because if I keep gaming this much, my dreams will be shot forever. Still, since I have little money, it’s nice to be able to sit at home and have fun for free, even though the fun borders on obsession. I even consider playing it mornings before I go to work. Really! And I’m 36. AND OH, the new Part Chimp single “Bring Back The Sound” ROCKS OUT!

Tell’em like it is!

Well, I was just checking NetNewsWire (which is a WAY nifty RSS reader. And to think I hadn’t bothered to learn about RSS until I started this “diary”!) and there was a new post at one of my favourite tech-y blogs, namely Daring Fireball, where he linked to an article targetting one of my pet peeves, the feltching crap-software-of-the-ages RealPlayer. It’s really lazy to relink like this, I guess, but I want to maximize the number of people who learns to hate the assware that is RealPlayer. Man, I hate you, Real!
Go read Tomas Jogin‘s take on the shiznitz!

Waiting for the Man

I’m sitting here, drinking coffee, while waiting for my pal Urban. He has all but relocated to Stockholm, but is down here in the doity South of Sweden to do god knows what. Anyway. While waiting, I thought that I oughtta write a little something. Inspiration doesn’t jump at me like a scoundrel in a dirty alley any more…

[Urban appeared, this is the next day]

I’m sitting here listening to London Is The Place For Me – Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950 – 1956 and the Slayer box, Soundtrack to the Apocalypse, while lappingsipping coffee, a non-guilty pleasure. I think I prefer the former, which must be a solid sign of me getting old, yeah. Ha ha ha: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida covered by Slayer is fun, in a cartoonish way. Another sign of maturity is that I’ll probably stay at home tonight instead of going out. But then again, I use the pretense that I’m strapped for cash, which is altogether true. But sitting at home? That’s kind of nice, but not very exciting, if you don’t count dismantling a huge shelf exciting. At least I will start removing my records and books from it, a hefty load to carry. Vinyl certainly weighs a ton, like the man said (Peanut Butter Wolf, I think, or DJ Shadow).
On a totally unrelated note: some stuff is certainly easy to find via Internet, like rare bootlegs and untranslated hentai, but something that has been seriously clamped down upon has been typefaces. In ye marrye 90s, EVERYONE swapped diskettes with fonts on them, but since the turn of the century, that has certainly waned. Both free and commercial typefaces seem to get around a lot less, and part of that is probably the decline of ad agencies, which I assume was the main buyer of fonts. My friend Martin Fredrikson Core made several really nice fonts, but I don’t think he ever made any 100$ bills from them. Pity, really. Collecting fonts was like collecting stamps: one never used them, but only looked at them. And bought them for clients, of course.
Ouch! The coffee is making me sweat. Or maybe it’s just Slayer. I think I’ll go for a walk.