Slight change…

Borgstrand Stencil IRLChanged the header to a variant of the standard Binary Bonsai Kubrick theme one, this one featuring Martin Fredrikson Core‘s brand new Borgstrand Stencil, part of the “Top of the Notch” FontpakTM from Fountain. As always with Core, an extremely well-made font! Check the picture to the right for a real life application. Photo by Finsta.
I also changed from justified to aligned, and added a link back to the front page from the header. I’ll probably adapt Kubrick some more, since there are some things that could be better, or at least more individualized. Or perhaps I’ll try Binary Bonsai’s K2 theme. Problem is I gotta move this server to another computer first. Damn you, Red Hat! This time I’ll go OS X.

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