What, me hooked?

If things are clearly defined – I gotta do this, I gotta do that! – then I do them. Before deadline, or on. But if it’s about leisure time, and I don’t have to do anything, some things take precedence. In this case World of Warcraft.
When I first installed that 10 day trial I said to friends: Uh-uh, no, I’m not gonna get hooked, I’m just gonna play these 10 days, and then maybe later on, I will buy the thing if I have time for and feel like it.

So, what happened? The same day the 10 day demo was over, I went out and bought it. And since then, I have played most days. Sometimes just 10 minutes, to check if some pals are online, sometimes 8 hours inna row. It’s weird: I play with real life friends, in the same city, but we’re doing it online. Strange. Sometimes, like yesterday, it’s like deciding we’re gonna meet at a specific place, only it’s on a specific server, in a specific place of the WoW world. But the past week, especially mornings, I dream about the game, the game world, just like I dreamt Deadwood when I watched it 10 hours in one sitting.

Just a word of advice: if you’re trying World of Warcraft, don’t plan to be able to quit it. It just ain’t easily quittable… [WoW portrait gallery]

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