Are We Not Men?

Mark Mothersbaugh is a great man, I tells ya. Not only was he in DEVO, one of the hep-est bands in the history of the universe, but he’s also a highly insightful chap who makes film music. This morning, before going to work, I read an interview with the man in Believer, McSweeney’s brill textmag. Buy it if you can find it! As I’m always looking for reasons to slag the major media corporations, here’s a quote:

Because today, if a record company collapsed, who the hell would be losing, except the people who were out of jobs? Consumers aren’t going to be losers. And if you’re in music just to become a big, fat rock star, then probably I don’t like your music to begin with. […] And if you get rid of a lot of the poseurs by destroying record companies, maybe it’s a good trade-off.

And off Mothersbaugh goes to view an exclusive screening of the latest movie he scored, Herbie: Fully Loaded, with the words:

Listen, I better get going. It’s time for me to watch this screening. If you want, I could leave the phone on while I’m inside. that way, you can tape the soundtrack and put it on the black market in China. What do you think?

I think, “Kudos, Mark!”

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Urban November 22, 2005

Hallå mannen

Passar på att gratta dig på födelsedagen, nu när jag har tillgång till en dator (är hemma hos min bror i Kungsbacka).


Hoppas allt är bra med dig annars.

Vi får la höras vad det lider. Va ett tag sedan..



P.S Min e-post adress är ganska inaktiv. Du når mej säkrast på mobilen

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