Long time gone

Catching up, at least a bit

Criminy! Most people who blog post every fucking day, stating their colour of socks and whatnot. Me, I stale completely and post nothing for ages, and then comes a short post which states very little but the obvious:

  • yes, I’ve been watching movies,
  • yes, I’ve been buying records,
  • yes, I’ve been re-reading comics,
  • no, I haven’t read a lot of books as of late,
  • yes, I’ve been watching TV series galore,
  • no, I haven’t been drinking a lot,
  • yes, I’ve had vacation
  • no, I didn’t do anything grandiose,
  • yes, I’ve been to the flea market,
  • yes, I climbed a roof,
  • no, I didn’t like it particularily,
  • yes, I’ve been babysitting,
  • yes, I don’t believe the hype,

and so on. I’ll post a few pictures in the next post, so there. Currently: baking a cake. It smells delish. Listening to iPod connected to stereo. It’s some sort of metal, and how the fuck should I remember what it is?