Buck and Lisa’s wedding (Aug 6)

I don't go to weddings often, but this summer I did...

On August 8, Björn (Buck) and Lisa (Lisa) got hitched, and I had the fortune of being invited. We got wined and dined and well & drunk. Hard liquor makes you talk. I remember hassling an unknown girl with a nickname I thought too funny: Special K. Incidentally, I said it far too many times, damn my eyes. I woke up early the next day, still wearing my dress pants and shoes.

Wedding kiss

  • Lisa & Buck, k.i.s.s.i.n.g.

Lisa and Piotr

  • Lisa & Piotr. Piotr is a Robot and PhD to be.

Buck says fuck

  • Married man Buck in full effect. At this moment in time (22:22.22 according to the camera, but it was actually an hour later), I was drunk as a skunk. Goddamn you, free booze!

One Comment

Buck September 15, 2005

Update: I’m getting fucking divorced. No, I’m not, but I DO look like a drunken fucking slob when I’m kissing so I vow not to do this in public anymore. It’s in no way erotic.

Anyhoo, it’s le grand to behold the resurrection of Pigsville. The anticipation of getting to further enjoy your twisted takes on modern life tingles my bones.

Your friend. //B

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