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Themeing & "Homicide"

Well! Yesterday, my brother Surgubben complained that his blog looked like crap in IE. Go figure. I totally forgot that Explorer sucks so nicely at showing CSS. Anyway, I hooked him up with a new theme that worked significantly better, and right now, I switched theme as well, to Patricia Miller‘s winning contribution to Alex King’s theme competition. I think my brother’s looks much sweeter, actually. One of these days, I’ll make my own theme. Word.

Two days ago, I received the 4th season of Homicide from Amazon. I LOVE season boxes! Or boxes of any kind, including sweetness like this. I’m not going to delve on Homicide now, because I’m hungry & need to get my lunch soon-ish, but let me tell you: it’s one fucking awesome series! Season 3 is probably the best so far, but season 4 shows promise & more. The only problems are

  • That I’m a goddamned junkie when it comes to boxes
  • That the DVDs lack subtitles (being a swede, having English subtitles really helps)
  • That I will have watched all episodes by monday evening
  • That I will need to buy a new box pretty damn soon

And that’s about it. And, oh, tomorrow I’m going to the Kontra-Musik festival. 12 hours of blip blap drööööön! Will be interesting: vegan food & Jason Forrest.

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