MPAA is a bunch of morons

MPAA is amping up their bittorrent attacks. But what will they gain?

Last week, premiere TV BitTorrent site btefnet was taken offline, and their channel on efnet now states “BT will no longer be releasing any torrents or have a website| thanks everybody | Don’t forget your towel”. Apparently, MPAA sued btefnet & several other torrent repositories, and of course no one wants to battle MPAA in court. Now, the thing with btefnet was that it was a TV episode only torrent site, that – I daresay – PROMOTED TV programs rather than causing the producers any revenue. Most TV series are, AFAIK, bought by other TV channels, who get money from their viewers, or from some other sort of funding. Sometimes, people record popular series to VHS, or DVD when they are aired. I’ve done it in the past: The Simpsons, Six Feet Under, Deadwood, Star Trek, Sopranos, Twin Peaks, to mention a few. Nothing strange there.
Now, through btefnet, one could download the latest TV series without having to wait a few years for them to air here. I’ve discovered quite a few TV series through btefnet. Quite a few. And this past year I’ve bought 8 or so DVD boxes of TV series. More than ever before TV torrent sites popped up. As a matter of fact, I never bought ONE TV series DVD before bittorrent. I wonder, is the loss of revenue on sold TV programs that significant, compared to the huge fan base that the TV torrent sites has generated? Not to mention that MPAA’s “vigilance” is pushing file sharers into increasingly secure models of file distribution. I can understand going after movie torrent sites much better, since they are undoubtedly responsible for at least a decline in video rentals (I, on the other hand, still rent 4 or so DVDs per week).
I mean, get with the fucking program, you goddamned losers. Understand that alienating fans is something you do NOT want to do. Period.

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