Solid weather!

The weather is too nice. It is a bit on the chilly side, but the sun is shining like nobody’s business.

I added a new link to the left: my little icecasted radio station. Check it out, if you feel like it. It is what they call an “eclectic” selection, but I dunno. It is very mixed, to say the least. If you want to hear stuff that is different from empty V and commercial radio, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. No talk, no commercials, just a nifty 128 kbps feed that KICKS ASS. Mail me at radio[.AT.] if you wonder anything about a track you heard. Recommended players are iTunes [mac & win], Whamb [mac], xmms [linux, X11] and winamp. But that should go without saying. But really, you should check out whamb!

Talking about checking out, about a month ago I reacquainted myself with the fire multiprotocol pager (multiprotocol meaning supporting several chat protocols, like AIM, ICQ and MSN). It’s still a fairly ugly app, compared to Proteus. The difference, apart from Proteus being super-slick, GUI-wise, is that a) Proteus is shareware, whereas fire is open source, and b) that fire supports GPG encrypted/signed messaging over any chat protocol! That, my friends, puts it apart from any other chat client I have ever seen. In fact, I don’t know of a GPG encrypted pager for Linux, even. Just like the brilliant GPGMail mail bundle for, Fire is a must-have if you ever feel like communicating truly in private! I’d hope for total GPG integration in OS X out of the box, but that may be a utopian sentiment.

At any rate, I’ve decided to totally dump PGP. Since it went commercial, it’s been going downhill, and downhill pretty fast too. If one checks the console log, one notices that PGP causes tons of warnings. It’s fairly expensive, too, and they have an ass-backward licencing system that prevents site licensing for, say, universities. So these days I rely on OS X “secure empty trash”, encrypted DMGs (128 bits, but still), File Vault, GPGMail, Fire, and GPG as a whole of course. Sorry, PGP, it was fun while it lasted (I used PGP since the mid 90s, I think, command line stylee on Sun OS. Possibly because it made me feel like a hotshot), but now I close the book on you.

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